Maurice Lagueux


Department of Philosophy
University of Montreal



In 1965, Maurice Lagueux completed a doctorate in philosophy at the Université de Paris, with a thesis entitled “Merleau-Ponty et la tâche du philosophe” under the supervision of Paul Ricœur. He was hired the same year by the Department of Philosophy of Université de Montréal in order to teach mainly courses on the philosophy of history, which he provided regularly until his retirement in 2005.

Between 1968 and 1970, a leave from teaching enabled him to obtain a Master’s degree in economics at McGill University, with a thesis bearing on the topic of “Property and Externality”. From 1970 onwards, the epistemology of economics thus became one of his main research fields, in addition to the philosophy of history (considered according to both the analytical and the continental traditions). Since then, his courses at the Department of Philosophy have also dealt with questions connected to these two fields.

The pursuit of this combined interest for history and economics led him to offer courses on the epistemology of the social sciences, as well as to study the work of Karl Marx. He devoted his teaching to this author’s thought, both at the Université de Montréal and at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Ottawa, where he was invited professor for three quarters’ time in 1976-77. In 1982, he published Le Marxisme des années soixante, for which he was awarded the Governor General’s Prize in the “Essays” category. The same year, he attained the position of full Professor at the Department of Philosophy, while in 1982-83, he also served as President of the Canadian Association of Philosophy.
Since 1978, he gave a part of his courses at the Department of Economics of the Université de Montréal, thanks to an interdepartmental agreement. It is within this framework that he taught the “History of Economic Thought” course in this department for over twenty years.

Having discovered a true passion for architecture in the middle of the 1980s, he delved into the philosophy of architecture, which became, from the 1990s onwards, his third major field of research alongside the epistemology of economics and the philosophy of history. He published various articles in these three fields; in 2001, he produced a second book, entitled Actualité de la philosophie de l'histoire.

He retired from teaching in 2005, yet remains a Professor associated with the Department of Philosophy of the Université de Montréal. He continues to do research, mainly in the epistemology of economics and in the philosophy of architecture. In the first field, he published, in 2010, a work in English entitled Rationality and Explanation in Economics; in the second field, he is currently involved, along with a colleague in sociology, in a research project on the architecture of the university.