Subsidized research projects (free translation of the official titles of the projects)


Architecture and academic mission of the North-American universities
CRSH, 58.053 $, 2007-2010, subsidy of team of which I am the principal researcher, the Co-researcher being Marcel Fournier of the Department of sociology of UdeM.


Theories of the scientific explanation: the case of the history and the economy
CRSH, 36,950$, 2004-2007, individual subsidy


Changes in the contemporary economic thinking: history and epistemology
FQRSC - team, 140,430$ (over three years; 46,810$ per year), 2002-2005, Co-researcher


Philosophy of architecture
CRSH, 27,803$, 2001-2004, individual subsidy


Rationality and objectivity in economics
CRSH, 24,028$, 1998-2001, individual subsidy


Epistemology of the neoliberalism
FCAR - team, 63.000$, 1997-2000, Co-researcher


Aspects of rationality
FCAR - team, 135.000$, 1994-1997, Co-researcher


Modernity, rationality and architecture
CRSH, 18.000$, 1994-1997, individual subsidy


Social philosophy and architecture
CRSH, 35000$, 1991-1994, individual subsidy


Rationality and social sciences
FCAR - team, 146.400$, 1991-1994, Co-researcher


Economic mechanisms and theory of the explanation
CRSH, 18.744$, 1989-1991, individual subsidy


Economic mechanisms
CRSH, 16.784$, 1987-1989, individual subsidy


Apriorism and empiricism in economics
FCAR - team, 73.750$, 1988-1991, Co-researcher


Earlier grants for research 


CRSH, 8.000$, 1984-1985, individual subsidy


Marxist theory of value
The Council of arts of Canada, 7.000$, 1977-1978, individual subsidy (No 451-770239)